Creating Life Changing Habits for 2022

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Creating Life Changing Habits for 2022


Creating Life Changing Habits for 2022


 Today, we will talk about how you can start getting on the right track to achieving your goals and putting yourself in better positions in life.


I want you to think about how your life would be if everything you ever started you finished or if you went after your dreams. How would your life look? How would your body look? Where would your career be? Would work feel like work?

The truth is the only thing that stopped you from achieving what you started is yourself, and I'm going to be honest I have done it too! You aren't alone.

 I'm talking about that diet you said you would stick to until you lost that 25lbs or that class you started and didn't finish. You can set yourself back so much if you don't take care of yourself mentally. I have learned that just like your muscle, your mind can grow in strength too. I know many people who stop learning once they get out of school, whether it's college or high school. The world is evolving every day, and we have to adapt. We have these phones now to learn pretty much anything in a blink of a hat.

I moved to NYC right out of high school, and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. It brought so many challenges I had to adapt to. I built my character by meeting people I wasn't accustomed to spending time with. I had to go through times when I didn't believe in myself. Getting turned down for jobs like being a doorman at a hotel. You start asking yourself, what am I doing here. I can't do this. But it was with those humbling beginnings I can say I am proud of myself because something in me snapped. I said to myself, "I control my destiny." and this was when my life had changed. I started believing in myself.


I created habits, and I am not talking about doing something for 21 days; I'm talking about months and months of doing the same thing every day, and I can honestly say it worked, and I still do them to this day. I became more confident in who I was and what I was capable of as long as I desired it. 


So My Main Habits: I want you to write these down if you can.

  • I wrote my goals down and put them in my mirror: Short Term and long-term. Nothing feels better than scratching off a goal you accomplished. 
  • I Read my goals out loud day twice a day.
  • Daily admirations. For example, "I used to tell myself I am smart, I will work hard, and I deserve to have everything I want." I did this three times.
  • I worked out every day.
  • Drank a gallon of water a day
  • I did more than I was paid to do
  • I was always on time.
  • Read a chapter a day from a self-improvement book. 
  • Rather than listen to music, listen to audibles about business or self-improvement. 
  • I was open to learning more about others and accepting other beliefs, cultures, and life.

I challenge you to do them for three months. What you are doing is subconsciously setting yourself up for success. You start setting up more opportunities for yourself, and you stop letting those negative things take over your life. 

I must ask you. What do you want to consume every day? Do you watch the news in the morning? What podcast do you listen to? Who do you hang out with? What do you wear? Now I want you to dissect that question. What do I Consume and draw a line down a piece of paper and write on the left good for me on the right bad for me and really think about how they affect your life.

The sooner you realize what you consume you can control, the better you will be. Start trading up. Rather than watching the news in the morning, which gives you stress and makes you upset, listen to a podcast that makes you think about what you will do today to get closer to your goals. Rather than being on social media for three hours, learn how to do something new. 


I want to say. Thank you for listening!


Let's Raise The Standard!

By nicholas poulin