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About the Rough & Rugged Collection

Introducing the Rough & Rugged Collection, the embodiment of a lifestyle created by Raise The Standard for the valiant practitioners of mixed martial arts. This collection transcends traditional apparel, representing a complete lifestyle for those who step into the ring with courage and resilience, ready to take on challenges head-on.

Rough & Rugged Lifestyle: This isn't just about clothing—it's a way of life for individuals who embrace the grind every day, driven by a philosophy of strength, perseverance, and constant improvement. Our community members are fighters in every sense, prepared to push their limits and stand firm against any adversity.

Our Apparel: Each piece in the Rough & Rugged Collection is designed to meet the demands of intense physical engagement. With features like robust, flexible materials and advanced moisture management, our apparel supports every movement and every battle, ensuring you stay focused on your goals.

Our Ethos: The Rough & Rugged lifestyle is built on a foundation of enduring toughness and the relentless pursuit of excellence. It's about growing through each training session and competition, learning from every encounter, and persisting through every challenge. This lifestyle celebrates every step of the journey, from the smallest achievements to the grandest victories.

Embrace the Lifestyle: Whether you're just beginning your journey in mixed martial arts or you're an experienced athlete seeking to refine your skills, Rough & Rugged offers more than gear—it offers a commitment to growth and excellence. Join us and become part of a community that isn't just about fighting, but about elevating every aspect of life.

Live the Raise The Standard mindset. Train hard. Fight harder. Stay rugged.

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