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A message of hope: A heartwarming encounter over a sweatshirt

After a beautiful hike today, my friends and I went out to eat.
As I sat at the table, I was facing the bar and saw someone wearing a sweatshirt with a message directly speaking to me.
I said to my friends- I have to go up there and see if I can buy this off his back. Grabbed my phone to make a monetary transaction.
I went up to him, introduced myself and complimented the sweatshirt and how the message spoke to me.
I lightly shared my health situation- and asked if I could buy it off his back.
He told me it was his first day wearing the sweatshirt- he just got it. And he shared that his younger brother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 and that today he called him to say he’s been cancer free for 8 years now.
There are no coincidences in messages and meeting people.
Andy took his sweatshirt off his back and handed it to me. Refused any money for it.
We hugged, took a selfie, and connected on fb.
I told him I will wear this on my first day of chemo.
I thanked him, my heart was full, my friends were in awe.
We finished up lunch, I got in my truck and cried the whole way home.
Beyond grateful.
Such a kindhearted soul.
Andy, I didn’t want to tag you without permission- but I hope you read this post.
“I am living proof that no matter how hard life gets, It gets better”
Thank you.

If you've been inspired by Louisa's story and would like to learn more about her journey, as well as support her in her battle against cancer, we invite you to click on the following link to her GoFundMe page:

Your support can go a long way in helping Louisa continue to fight and overcome the challenges that come with battling cancer. We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity, and we know that together, we can make a difference in Louisa's life

At Raise The Standard, we believe that every person has the power to make a positive impact in someone else's life. That's why we encourage our customers to share their stories and inspire others to do the same.

If you ever come across someone who tells you that your clothing has had a positive impact on their life, we encourage you to take a picture with them and share your story with us using the hashtag #RaiseTheStandard. Your story has the power to uplift and inspire others, and we want to help spread your message of positivity and hope.

So the next time someone tells you that your clothing has made a difference in their life, don't be shy - take a picture, share your story, and let's help spread kindness and positivity one story at a time.


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