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How a New Mom Dropped 95lbs and Transformed from Couch Potato to Bodybuilding Diva - Her Secret will Amaze You! - Raise The Standard Apparel

How a New Mom Dropped 95lbs and Transformed from Couch Potato to Bodybuilding Diva - Her Secret will Amaze You!

Finding the drive and motivation to exercise can often be a battle, especially when life throws an endless list of distractions at us. A demanding job, caring for kids, and the avalanche of schoolwork or household chores can make the 24 hours in a day seem insufficient. However, it's during such moments when inspiring stories, like that of Kaylin's, come to light, demonstrating the incredible power of self-determination and the will to overcome.

The story of Kaylin's fitness journey begins with her as a new mom. Like many, she was always active and involved in sports during her school years. However, after her graduation and the birth of her first child, the struggle to find motivation began. Overwhelmed by her new responsibilities and apprehensive about leaving her newborn, Kaylin found it difficult to commit to any form of physical activity.

In the first year post-pregnancy, a glance at a picture of herself on social media acted as a catalyst. Seeing how far she had drifted from her fit and active self shook her to the core. Kaylin realized that she needed to make changes - not only for her own sake but for her child as well. And so, she bravely stepped into the gym the very next day. Clueless yet determined, she knew that even a little effort would be better than none.

In addition to maintaining consistency at the gym, she also adopted healthier eating habits. Kaylin’s determination and resilience paid off, leading to a significant weight loss of 95 lbs in just six months.

However, the news of her second pregnancy brought a mix of joy and apprehension. She feared falling into the same trap of postpartum weight gain and lack of motivation. Unfortunately, her fears were not unfounded, and soon after her daughter's birth, she found herself back at square one, with an added challenge - postpartum depression.

Despite her struggles, Kaylin was not deterred. Armed with the knowledge that she had already overcome this once, she turned to the gym as her safe haven. Not only did it help her shed post-pregnancy weight, but it also became a sanctuary where she could combat her depression.

Fast forward six years, and Kaylin's fitness journey has been a remarkable one, filled with determination, struggle, and immense gratitude. Her resilience helped her move from being overweight at 220 lbs to preparing for her first-ever bikini bodybuilding competition.

What set Kaylin apart and helped her succeed was her positive mindset. She surrounded herself with like-minded individuals, particularly other mothers who shared similar fitness goals. She invested her time in reading and consuming content that inspired her, effectively keeping any negativity at bay. Her focus on helping other moms facing similar struggles led to the creation of a supportive community that thrived on healthy lifestyle choices.

At Raise The Standard, we believe in sharing stories like Kaylin's that inspire and motivate. It's a tale that echoes our ethos - the power of self-belief, determination, and the desire to rise above challenges. The "why" that drives us - for Kaylin, it was her children - becomes our beacon, guiding us through the rough seas to reach our goals.

So the next time you find yourself struggling to find motivation, remember Kaylin's story and her "why." Remember that despite life's hurdles, you have the strength to persevere and the power to "Raise The Standard."


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